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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my campaign website. If your intention was to visit my official House of Representatives website, please click here. My offices and numerous community partners have worked very hard to build on the successes we achieved in local job development, federally funded transportation projects to ease traffic congestion, environmental cleanup of our contaminated water resources, provide on-site counselors to deliver mental health services for 26 local schools and other initiatives that address the significant needs of our District and California.

My pledge is to continue to utilize the leadership and 16 year seniority in Washington to bring real, measurable improvements that directly benefit you, our cities, communities, schools, businesses and stakeholders.

Our record is clear: despite partisan gridlock in Washington, working with colleagues, regardless of party, we have together found solutions to address our local and area needs.

Given our national leadership dealing with instability throughout the world, our still-recovering economy, the serious drought affecting our state, the necessity to reach compromise on immigration reform, skyrocketing costs for college, demand for mental health awareness and services to reduce stigma and prevent violence and most importantly, continued progress in creating more jobs for our local economy, all give me great motivation to continue fighting and delivering to and for my constituents.

I respectfully request your support.

Thank you,




For Immediate Release: 12/11/15
Contact: Chuck Fuentes 323-823-7076

Veteran U.S. Representative Grace Flores Napolitano (D-El Monte) announced that she will seek a Tenth Term in the United States Congress in 2016. “After careful consideration, I will seek re-election to a tenth term in the House of Representatives to continue working toward full local and national economic recovery and strengthening our efforts to combat global terrorism and protect America’s security.”

Napolitano, a senior member of the important House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee touted her legislative agenda including as a Conferee on the recently passed the “5-Year FAST Act,” the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation legislation to improve roads, bridges, public transit, and rail transportation systems throughout the country. “We desperately needed the long term important investment in all areas of our surface transportation network to repair and improve aged and crumbling infrastructure including much needed improvements right here in the San Gabriel Valley,” stated the Congresswoman.

“I pledge to our district to continue working diligently on bringing federal resources to meet our growing needs as a nation, state and local communities. Working closely with our local elected leaders and agencies, my dedicated staff and I will meet the many and serious challenges we face. We are committed to providing the best possible constituent services, second to none, to all residents,” Napolitano said.

Noting her strong support from all areas of her San Gabriel Valley based 32nd Congressional district, Napolitano indicated she would have the resources necessary to conduct a spirited campaign for her re-election. The Congresswoman has garnered strong results in her previous re-election campaigns and has run ahead of registration figures. “I humbly ask the voters in my 32nd District for another term to work and fight for them in Washington. I look forward to utilizing my leadership and seniority in the next Congress in pursuing the wide range of goals, particularly in transportation, mental health and water resources that are the focus of my Congressional Committee assignments,” she concluded.

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